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NOC 0311 – Managers in health care|Canada Immigration|Make Visas

To apply under NOC-0311 National Occupation Classification you must follow the roles and responsibilities of Managers in health care.

Required roles and responsibilities:-

Managers in health care perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the delivery of health care services within a department of a health care institution, or in other settings where health care services are provided
  • Consult with boards of directors and senior managers to maintain and establish standards for the provision of health care services
  • Develop evaluation systems to monitor the quality of health care given to patients
  • Monitor the use of diagnostic services, in-patient beds and facilities to ensure effective use of resources
  • Develop and implement plans for new programs, special projects, new material and equipment acquisitions and future staffing levels in their department or establishment
  • Plan and control departmental or establishment budget
  • Represent the department or establishment at meetings with government officials, the public, the media and other organizations
  • Supervise health care supervisors and professionals
  • Recruit health care staff of the department or establishment.
  • Managers in health care specialize in administering the provision of specific health care services such as dietetics, clinical medicine, laboratory medicine, nursing, physiotherapy or surgery.

You can also see the required titles to apply as a Managers in health care. 

NOC 0311 – Managers in health care: example titles.

  • administrator, blood bank
  • administrator, dental health services
  • administrator, nursing unit
  • administrator, therapeutic services
  • admissions director – health care
  • anesthesia, chief of
  • assistant administrator for nursing
  • assistant administrator, nursing services
  • assistant director of nursing
  • assistant director of nursing services
  • assistant nursing services administrator
  • audiology and speech language pathology, chief of
  • audiology and speech language pathology, director of
  • behaviour therapy services director
  • chief dietitian
  • chief of anatomical pathology
  • chief of anesthesia
  • chief of audiology and speech language pathology
  • chief of biomedical engineering service
  • chief of cardiology
  • chief of dermatology
  • chief of diagnostic imaging
  • chief of diagnostic radiology
  • chief of emergency medicine
  • chief of endocrinology
  • chief of gastro-enterology
  • chief of hematology
  • chief of housing activities
  • chief of infectious diseases
  • chief of laboratory medicine
  • chief of medical staff
  • chief of medicine
  • chief of nephrology
  • chief of neurology
  • chief of obstetrics and gynecology
  • chief of occupational therapy
  • chief of operating area
  • chief of ophthalmology
  • chief of pathology
  • chief of pediatrics
  • chief of pharmacy
  • chief of physiotherapy
  • chief of psychiatry
  • chief of psychology
  • chief of radiation oncology
  • chief of respirology
  • chief of rheumatology
  • chief of staff – hospital
  • chief of surgery
  • chief of urology
  • chief radiology technologist
  • clinical medicine, director of
  • clinical services manager
  • dental health services administrator
  • dental laboratory managing supervisor
  • dermatology, chief of
  • diagnostic imaging, chief of
  • diagnostic radiology, chief of
  • director of audiology and speech language pathology
  • director of clinical medicine
  • director of dietetics
  • director of laboratory medicine
  • director of nursing – medical services
  • director of occupational therapy
  • director of physiotherapy
  • director of professional services – medical services
  • director of psychology – health care
  • director of surgery
  • director, behaviour therapy services
  • director, first aid services
  • director, medical
  • director, medical clinic
  • director, nursing services – medical services
  • director, occupational health services
  • director, pharmacy
  • director, psychology – health care
  • director, public health nursing services
  • director, rehabilitation services
  • director, rehabilitation services – medical services
  • director, therapeutic services – psychiatric hospital
  • emergency medicine, chief of
  • endocrinology, chief of
  • first aid services director
  • gastro-enterology, chief of
  • hematology, chief of
  • home care services director – medical services
  • infectious diseases, chief of
  • laboratory medicine, chief of
  • laboratory medicine, director of
  • manager, nursing care – medical services
  • manager, nursing services – medical services
  • managing supervisor, dental laboratory
  • medical clinic director
  • medical director
  • medicine, chief of
  • mental health residential care program manager
  • nephrology, chief of
  • neurology, chief of
  • nursing care manager – medical services
  • nursing services administrator
  • nursing services assistant administrator
  • nursing services director – medical services
  • nursing services manager – medical services
  • nursing unit administrator
  • obstetrics and gynecology, chief of
  • occupational health services director
  • occupational therapy, chief of
  • occupational therapy, director of
  • ophthalmology, chief of
  • pathology, chief of
  • pediatrics, chief of
  • pharmacy director
  • pharmacy, chief of
  • physiotherapy, chief of
  • physiotherapy, director of
  • podiatric clinic manager
  • psychiatry, chief of
  • psychology director – health care
  • psychology, chief of
  • public health nursing services director
  • radiation oncology, chief of
  • Red Cross first aid director
  • respirology, chief of
  • rheumatology, chief of
  • surgery, chief of
  • surgery, director of
  • therapeutic services administrator
  • therapeutic services director
  • therapeutic services director – psychiatric hospital
  • urology, chief of

Employment Requirements

  • Administrators of departments such as surgery, clinical medicine or laboratory medicine are usually required to have the education and training of a specialist physician.
  • Administrators of other departments, such as nursing, dietetics or physiotherapy, are usually required to have the education and training of the medical professionals in that department.
  • Several years of experience in the relevant profession, including supervisory experience, are usually required.
  • Certification in the relevant profession is required.

Additional Information

  • There is little or no mobility between departments in different medical specializations.
  • Progression to senior management positions in healthcare services is possible with experience.


  • Government managers – health and social policy development and program administration (0411)
  • Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations (0014)

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