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  MPNP Draw 2017-18- Manitoba Expression of Interest


MPNP Draw 2017-18 UPDATES: Last updated  14 March 2018

Under the Skilled Worker Immigration Stream, there are further two ways for Immigration to Manitoba:

1) As a skilled worker in Manitoba
2) As an overseas skilled worker


Skilled Worker in Manitoba

The program, Skilled Worker in Manitoba, is designed for International skilled workers and overseas graduates who are at present working in Manitoba and holds a permanent, full-time employment offer from their Manitoba employer. Skilled Workers who are currently in Manitoba will not be assessed on the basis of any points-based system, to prove their eligibility.

Skilled Worker Overseas

The program, Skilled Worker overseas, is designed to select eligible candidates on the basis of a points-based assessment system, who may not be a resident of Canada. Applicants will be accepted for permanent residency visa in case they are having connections in the province – Manitoba Support (family or friends in Manitoba), academic or work experience in the province – Manitoba Experience, or Invitation certificate given under MPNP – Manitoba Invitation and also have secured 60 points on the basis of various factors (Factors includes: age, language ability, employment experience, academic qualification and adaptability).


Draw NumberDraw Date Number of Letters IssuedMinimum Points Required
36rd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw14-March-18Manitoba Skilled workers-184
Overseas Skilled workers-144
Manitoba Skilled workers-545.
Overseas Skilled workers-590
35rd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw1-February-18Manitoba Skilled workers-148
Overseas Skilled workers-64
Manitoba Skilled workers-647.
Overseas Skilled workers-647
34rd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw12-January-18Manitoba Skilled workers-155
Overseas Skilled workers-17
Manitoba Skilled workers-585
Overseas Skilled workers-520
33rd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw15-August-17Manitoba Skilled workers-401
Overseas Skilled workers-42
Manitoba Skilled workers-585
Overseas Skilled workers-719
32nd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw11-July-17Manitoba Skilled workers-458
Overseas Skilled workers-36
Manitoba Skilled workers-612
Overseas Skilled workers-712
31st MPNP Expression of Interest Draw16-June-17Manitoba Skilled workers-180
Overseas Skilled workers-24
Manitoba Skilled workers-705
Overseas Skilled workers-689
30th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw30-May-17Manitoba Skilled workers-258
Overseas Skilled workers-143
Manitoba Skilled workers-735
Overseas Skilled workers-706
29th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw30-Mar-17Manitoba Skilled workers-201
Overseas Skilled workers-24
Manitoba Skilled workers-657
Overseas Skilled workers-698
28th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw16-Mar-17Manitoba Skilled workers-250
Overseas Skilled workers-63
Manitoba Skilled workers-684
Overseas Skilled workers-703
27th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw27-Feb-17200719
26th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw27-Jan-17150734
25th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw30-Dec-16181702
24th MPNP Expression of Interest DrawDecember 21, 20160N/A
23rd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw29-Nov-16150713
22nd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw28-Oct-16150654
21stÿMPNP Expression of Interest Draw29-Sep-16258435
20th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw24-Aug-16176592
19th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw29-Jul-16155593
18th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw29-Jun-16173593
17th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw8-Jun-16200665
16th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw16-May-16150722
15th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw6-Apr-16299467
14th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw9-Mar-16175657
13th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw10-Feb-16175673
12th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw13-Jan-16150692
11th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw17-Dec-15126694
10th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw27-Nov-15125698
9th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw3-Nov-15100449
8th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw13-Oct-15100506
7th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw25-Sep-15100545
6th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw9-Sep-15125550
5th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw13-Aug-15174575
4th MPNP Expression of Interest Draw17-Jul-15111670
3rd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw25-Jun-15100673
2nd MPNP Expression of Interest Draw5-Jun-15126675
1st MPNP Expression of Interest Draw20-May-1576700

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Latest Manitoba Blog: Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program MPNP announced Improvements to Services

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