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  British Columbia PNP | Immigrate to British Columbia under BC PNP

The official British Columbia Immigration Program is known by the name of British Columbia PNP- BC PNP. It is constructed for candidates who have the skills and experience required by the Province, for British Columbia immigration, under which an applicant after being selected by the provincial government, will be given a British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate, in order to make the remaining immigration process faster. Applicants who wish to immigrate to the state of British Columbia need to fulfil the following requirements. They can see if their job profile is present in a skilled occupation in the British Columbia occupation list 2018 or not. Next the applicants need to score 60 points out of 100 points on the British Columbia points calculator 2018 for being eligible to apply to the Ontario Express Entry under the Ontario provincial nominee program (OINP) for being able to immigrate to Canada and getting a Canadian Permanent Residency permit.

The benefit for applying for Canadian PR visa through BC PNP is the visa processing time, which is short as compared to other Canadian immigration programs.

The British Columbia PNP- BC PNP has two main immigration categories:

1. British Columbia PNP- BC PNP: Skills Immigration (Which includes Express Entry British Columbia)

This category is designed for skilled and semi-skilled workers in the high demand occupations. It evaluates the applicants on a point based invitation system. The process required the applicant to register and apply online for the BC PNP and a paper application process for PR with exceptions to the requirement of previous work experience and any recent international graduates from a Canadian University may not need any work experience depending on the job that they have been offered.

British Columbia PNP- BC PNP: Skills Immigration program is further divided into the following:

  • Skilled Worker — it is designed for applicants having an appropriate employment offer within a skilled occupation. In this case, applicants must hold prior experience in the skilled occupation they are applying for.
  • Health Care Professional — it is designed for applicants having experience and appropriate employment offer in the occupation of physician, nurses, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals. One must hold a suitable job offer in one of the occupation mentioned under this category.
  • International Graduate — it is designed for applicants having graduation degree from an authorised Canadian university or college within the period of last two years. Addition to that, one must also have an employment offer from an authorised employer of British Columbia.
  • International Post-Graduate — it is designed for applicants having Post graduation or Doctoral degree from an authorised academic institution of British Columbia in the listed streams of natural, applied, or health sciences. There is no need of any employment offer if you are applying under this section.
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker — it is designed for applicants in entry-level or belongs to the semi-skilled class in tourism/hospitality, food processing, or long-haul trucking. Also, individuals in entry-level or semi-skilled class residing and having work experience in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia can apply under this section.

Get more information on British Columbia PNP Skills Immigration program, click here.

2. British Columbia PNP- BC PNP: Entrepreneur Immigration

People who are eligible to apply under the Entrepreneur Immigration program should have a high net worth and are able to invest in and actively manage any valid business in British Columbia. Since this is also a point based system, applicants need to score the required points to be eligible to apply under this program.

Also, this program is open for companies who are looking to expand their business in British Columbia and who require permanent residency for their key employees.

This program is divided further into following categories:

  • Entrepreneur — it is designed for applicants who are in the position of senior manager or business owners and wishes to invest a particular amount into a business venture of British Columbia.
  • Strategic Projects — it is designed for internationally managed companies who wishes to set up their firm in British Columbia. For this the company can nominate around five International level managers, professionals or technical staff for permanent residence in British Columbia.

Get more information on British Columbia PNP- BC PNP Entrepreneur Category

Get more information on British Columbia PNP- BC PNP Strategic Projects Category

Express Entry British Columbia PNP- BC PNP

Using the Express Entry British Columbia Program, category of the Skills Immigration, the province nominated skilled workers for Canada Permanent Residency visa. This section is linked with the federal government’s immigration program, Express Entry. Under the Express Entry British Columbia program, the selected candidates will receive a faster visa processing in their BC PNP application, which eventually leads to Canada permanent residency, if one gets nominated by British Columbia.

The Skills Immigration categories which can be processed through British Columbia PNP- BC PNP Express Entry:

  • Skilled Worker
  • Health Care Professional
  • International Graduate
  • International Post-Graduate

Get more information on British Columbia PNP- BC PNP Express Entry, click here.

Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)


British Columbia government introduced a Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). It is a points-based system which provides applicants a registration score. With the help of that score one can judge the probability of getting an invitation to apply. This score will be depending on various factors — like education level, amount of direct work experience and a job offer from British Columbia. These factors should define the capability of an applicant to succeed in the labour market and be able to contribute in the economic growth.

Get more information on SIRS under British Columbia PNP- BC PNP, click here.

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