Working Holiday Visa – Subclass 417

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Working holiday visa (subclass 417)  is made for people who wish to work as well as be on holiday in Australia under Australian immigration for up to a year. It falls under the category of a temporary visa.

Working holiday visa- Australia is a program that brings cultural exchange and great job opportunities closer to eligible individuals. It also establishes strong bond between Australia and other nations.

Best jobs for working visa in Australia are  :

  •         Research assistant
  •         Retail executive
  •         Barista, Bartender or Waiter
  •         Childcare or Nursery jobs
  •         Event Set Up Assistant
  •         Fruit picking/harvest work
  •         Hotel concierge or Assistant
  •         WWOOF jobs (Working Weekends On Organic Farms)

Eligible industries for specified employment in Australia :

  •         plant and animal cultivation
  •         fishing and pearling
  •         tree farming and felling
  •         mining
  •         construction

To apply for the subclass 417 visa, you should have a passport from the country involved in working holiday program with Australia.

Eligible countries for subclass 417 visa program are Belgium, Canada, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Basic requirements of working holiday visa (subclass 417)-

First Working Holiday visa subclass 417:

If you are applying first time for working holiday visa (subclass 417) than, you should –

  •         Be in the age group between 18-31 years
  •         Have a passport of a country that is deemed as an eligible country for this program.
  •         Meet tall health and character requirements.
  •         Have genuine intentions of visiting for the purpose of holiday in Australia
  •         Have sufficient funds (5000 AUD) to support yourself in Australia.
  •         Not have entered Australia under work and holiday visa (subclass 462).
  •         Not take any child along during your stay in Australia under subclass 417 visa.
  •          Be outside the Australia at the time of visa application and grant.

Note- if applicant is already a holder of any other visa that has ‘no extended stay condition’, he will not be able to apply for working holiday visa (subclass 417).

Second Working Holiday visa subclass 417:

In order to apply under second working holiday visa subclass 417, you must-

  • Be between 18-31 years of age.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Have obeyed first working holiday visa subclass 417 conditions.
  • Hold 3 months of working experience in regional Australia during the first Working Holiday visa subclass 417.



Health requirements

Applicant must qualify specific health requirements. The health examinations will be based upon few factors like the nation of citizenship, time spent in other nations during the last five years and intended activities in Australia. The health examinations results are mostly valid up to 12 months.

Health insurance

Applicant will be responsible for all the health expenses conducted during his/her stay in Australia. Applicant will not be supported by Australia’s national health scheme (Medicare) unless until applicant’s native country holds a visa versa health care agreement with Australia.

It is recommended that the applicant have health insurance every time he/she visits Australia.

Character requirement

Applicant must qualify specific character requirements. A police clearance certificate from each and every nation, the applicant has resided in for 12 months or more during the past 10 years after you turned 16 years of age have to be submitted. This certificate must be only arranged when asked by the authorities.

Australian Government Debts in Working Holiday visa subclass 417

Applicant must not carry any outstanding debts to the Australian Government or must have organized the repay of outstanding debts to the Australian Government prior the visa grant.

Biometrics submission

Candidate might be asked to submit biometrics which is a form of scientific identification in the visa application.

Specified employment

In order to apply under second Working Holiday visa subclass 417, he/she must hold a particular employment experience in regional Australia during the stay under first Working Holiday visa subclass 417.

The particular employment must be taken under a ‘specified’ field or industry within a designated regional field in Australia.

Every specified employment conducted on or post 1 December 2015 must be recompensed following the related Australian legislation and awards. Voluntary employment conducted post 1 December 2015 will not be taken into consideration in case the applicant wish to apply under second Working Holiday visa subclass 417.

Eligible industries for specified employment:

  • plant and animal cultivation
  • fishing and pearling
  • tree farming and felling
  • mining
  • construction

Specified employment can be a form of work mentioned below:

Plant and animal cultivation

  • Harvesting/packaging of fruit and vegetable crops
  • Pruning and trimming the vines and trees. –> Kindly Note: It is important that the mentioned profile must be applicant’s primary employment duty and is directly linked with the cultivation and commercialized sale of plant product for example fruit and nut crops. Task involving General garden management or maintenance is not acceptable.
  • general maintenance for crop related work
  • cultivation or propagation of plants, fungi or their any kind of products or parts
  • immediate plant product processing
  • managing animals for sales purpose or their any kind of product. –> Kindly Note: animals management for tourism or recreational purposes will not be accepted
  • immediate animal product processing comprising of shearing, butchery, packing and tanning. –> Kindly Note: animal products’ secondary processing for example smallgoods processing and retail butchery will not be acceptable
  • manufacture of dairy product utilizing raw material

Fishing and pearling

  • performing functions regarding catching fish and aquatic species
  • performing functions regarding culturing pearls/pearl shell

Tree farming and felling

  • planting trees in any plantation/forest that are going to be cleared
  • clearing trees in any plantation/forest
  • Moving trees or its’ parts that got cleared in any plantation/forest to an area where it will be processed or area from where they will be moved to the processing segment.


  • mining of coal
  • extraction of oil and gas
  • ore mining for metal
  • construction material mining
  • non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying exploration
  • mining support services


  • residential building construction
  • non-residential building construction
  • heavy and civil engineering construction
  • land development and site preparation services
  • building structure services
  • building installation services
  • building completion services
  • other construction services

Employment taken under the area of mining and construction segment must be present in the Australian New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) in order to qualify the specified work eligibility criteria.

Supporting employment profile, like book-keeping, under any industry mentioned in the list above will not be considered for specified work.

The Specified work must be:

  • mentioned in the list above
  • the major and primary job duties or activity he/she did during the employment period

Cost of working holiday visa subclass 417:

  • The estimated cost of subclass 417 is 440 AUD. 
  • Additional charges- Other cost includes medical charges, police check, and certification or translation of documents etc.

Benefits of working holiday visa subclass 417 :

Working holiday visa subclass 417 allows you to-

  1. a)      Enter and stay in Australia for at least 12 months.
  2. b)      Work for six months with each employer.
  3. c)       Leave and re-enter Australia any number of times.
  4. d)      Study for up to 4 months.

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