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Anti-Fraud Policy and Regulations Make Visas

Make Visas request our respected visa applicants to read below mentioned Anti fraud policies and regulations formulated by the management and administration of our company for the benefit of the clients.

This Anti-Fraud Policy and regulations of Make Visas is committed towards the best possible standards of transparency and honesty in all of its services. We are determined to maintain a culture of taking valuable steps to end fraud and corruption. Make Visas Anti-Fraud policy reinforces the Company’s approach to Immigration services by collecting the core values of the Company.

Make Visas Payment

When you make the payment through installment or in one shot to Make Visas, it is your entitlement to request a receipt for the same. Make Visas issues receipts for all any kind of payment done for the organization. An affirmation of fund payment made to Make Visas is sent from our central online system. In case you have any inquiries in regards to funds paid to Make Visas, please send an email to

Make Visas Payment for employees

You are advised against making any extra payment to any Make Visas worker. In case any Make Visas staff individuals offer to prepare your profile or get you any sort of immigration documents for an extra charge, we request that you educate the administration so that we can make reasonable move against the worker. It would be ideal if you take note that the organization is not responsible, if in case you go into any verbal or composed agreement with a Make Visas representative or his/her reference. In case that you have already paid for any extra support of any Make Visas worker, we are not in charge of the results.

Make Visas employee suggested Vendors

We firmly debilitate you from acquiring any services from any vendor that might be recommended by any Make Visas representative as this is not embraced or allowed by the organization and you risk fraud by entertaining the same. We are not in charge of any merchants who may have been referred by a Make Visas representative and we are not at risk for any charges that you have paid to them.

Make Visas Fraud and Fake Documentation

Make Visas does not manage situations where false documentation or data has been submitted. Your case will be acknowledged by Make Visas in view of the data you have given, which we expect is to be valid. Make Visas is not at risk in the event that you have given mistaken/misdirecting/fake documentation or data.

Make Visas does not give customers any sort of documentation and only work at documentation that has been given by you. We expect that the sum total of what that has been submitted to us is 100% valid and right.

Make Visas workers are entirely cautioned against criminal and illegal practices and are required to follow Make Visas this approach. In case of any worker going against organization strategy, Make Visas is not dependable or obligated for the same as our approach is to acknowledge cases where the data given is 100% valid.

To abstain from being tricked and denied visa for international lands, you must keep below points
in mind:

  • Do not be misdirected by any dishonest Make Visas staff into trusting that it is worthy practice to submit fake papers with your visa application. The application will be denied and you may confront investigations from Indian authorative.
  • Do not trust any Make Visas staffs who say that they can, in return for cash or different favors, make any changes in your visa processing speed or final visa approval. They can’t. Visa judgments are made just by visa officers approved by the particular nation.
  • Do not be tricked by frauds claiming to be visa officers from Embassies. Real visa officers don’t meet candidates outside their official work environment nor do they get in touch with you to ask for cash.
  • Do not be tricked by fake sites intended to look like authority government sites or like administration conveyance accomplice sites. Get your visa data from authority government sites only.
  • Do not be tricked by an occupation or visa trick. Many individuals are being deceived with abroad occupation offers that don’t exist. You must think twice before you hand over your cash, identification and individual information. Note: If the occupation offer sounds too good to be true, it could be a trick.
  • Fraud staff frequently encourages candidates to give fake documentation. Kindly don’t be tricked. Your money will be lost. Moreover, you might be denied visa to that particular nation.

USA, UK, Australia and Canada welcome certified immigrants, students and skilled workers. Migration offices in these nations won’t entertain any disrespect of the migration system and have a zero resistance towards fraudulent. Hence, we request you to not entertain any one who offers fake records and say that they can ensure a visa. Migration Authorities have extremely compelling procedures for identifying fraud and work with global accomplices and Indian authorities. When they reveal fraud, including fake education certifications and language proficiency documents, the visa will be rejected and the candidate will confront a ten year boycott and additionally conceivable activity by the Indian government.

Committing Fraud is a criminal offense in USA, Australia, Canada and the UK, and can prompt to extreme punishments for those included. At the end of the day the obligation regarding a visa application lies with the candidate. Giving false records or deceiving data can bring about serious results for the staff as well as the candidate. Candidates need to shield themselves from migration frauds by monitoring the ways individuals may attempt to exploit them and their circumstance.

Make Visas Management warns you against entertaining any sort of fraud or distortion of your profile. It would be ideal if you be cautioned that accommodation of false documentation to a visa issuing authority will bring about you being banned from the nation for no less than 10 years.

Make Visas Jobs

Make Visas is an authorized immigration consultant in India and provide job assistance to candidates for overseas nations wherever required. Make Visas does not ensure employments or charge the possibility for the occupation. In the event that a Make Visas worker endeavors to do this, please get in touch with us promptly.

Make Visas Guarantees

Make Visas does not ensure any applicant a job or a visa. No representative of Make Visas is allowed to do as such. Visas are provided at the judgment of the visa officer and migration division/ embassy or the consulate. Employment is at the prudence of the employer only. Nobody can impact this choice and if a representative of Make Visas guarantees you the same, please get in touch with us promptly.

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